Monday, August 9, 2010

Here Comes the Helicopters

Here Comes the Helicopters

Tomorrow the Federal Reserve will probably change its wording to include that they will do everything possible to avoid any deflation or slowing of the economy. With rates at almost zero it seems the FED has nothing left in the cards? No, they can print MORE money and buy everything in site with the money they print. They have been buying mortgages, treasuries and probably S&P’s futures (but this will never be confirmed) over the past few years as their balance sheet has swelled by just a trillion. Helicopter Ben is in his final panic mode that will send the markets reeling just like Japan did in the 1990’s. Our government is trying to artificially prop up the financial markets, housing while keeping interest rates too low. The move to keep the “no failure policy” alive any longer will just cause more problems down the road. Just as a forest fire rejuvenates the forest to grow stronger a recession does the same to the economy in the long run. Bankruptcies and restructuring of the balance sheets is the outcome from economic forest fires.

The question will be can the FED’s “free money” jump start the economy? Just look at the long term results for” cash for clunkers” and the “housing tax credit” for some answers as to whether these programs helped long term growth. The public sector is in save and pay back debt mode and doesn’t want to get extended anymore with credit assuming they can get credit as the banks already have enough loans under water. During the past 12-15 months our government took over the spending and now is looking at ways to pay for it. With the private sector tapped out and the government in spend mode and feeling the heat from doing another stimulus the next step will be an economic slow down and even double dip. Taxes at ALL incomes are going UP period in 2011. Everything will be done prior to the November elections to mask the economic weakness.

Since the last update July 5th the market has roared past the 10,250 level toward 10,720. Right now it’s the dog days of August with very thin markets. The DJIA could easily make a double top at the 11.200 level. However the next big move will be lower and will be a sharp wake up call. The time frame for this important top to occur is within the next month probably next 2-3 weeks. The bear will re-emerge in earnest in the fall. The “extend and pretend” era is still running strong. As for the government buying everything in sight and keep our stock and bond markets rallying just look at Japan and see what their results were in the 1990’s.

Let’s think about the current environment for savers. Savers aren’t getting any return but have returned into saving rather than spent. This is telling us something. Consumers aren’t spending like they have the past 20 years. Their trend of being net spenders has faded and this by itself is a big game changer. The problem with the equation is government. The public can be net savers but if government spends like they have causing trillions in deficits in essence sooner or later will be paid by the US taxpayer. On one hand the American people are doing the right thing in saving but on the other their savings will be destroyed by our government spending and the weakness in the dollar. The balance between the public and private sector is out of line. Today’s profits will be taxed away tomorrow.

What can be done on the bullish case for stocks? Basically change everything opposite of today’s current economic environment- Higher interest rates, lower taxes, privatize some government programs and address the immigration issues. As with most Chicago politicians the issue isn’t why they get caught but when. Hopefully November brings change on both ends. Get rid of them all without any party bias. Then the markets will rally like in1982 and a new bull market will begin.